Italian –born and classically trained Pastry Chef Clement Maggia started Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. in 1928 with his brother Theo.  From the beginning, Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. is known for its Italian Rum Cake and specialty pastries. It quickly becomes Washington’s premier pastry shop.  During WWII, Clement and Theo would bake cakes for customers using the customer’s rationed ingredients.

In 1947, nephews Henry and Oreste Barrazotto join the business. As business continues to grow, Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. expand into the wholesale marketplace – far before it was commonplace- supplying many of our Nation’s finest private and government establishments. Stressing product quality and service, Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. provides desserts for Presidents, World Dignitaries, Hollywood celebrities, and most importantly, Washington DC residents.

In 1955, Clement and Theo leave the business to pursue other interests. Clement established a school for pastry production and dessert decorating in Northern Virginia. Over the years, he competed at the national and international level with the US Culinary Olympic Team. In 1962, Clement joins the 5-star Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulpher Springs, WV as Executive Pastry Chef and Instructor.

In 1959, Henry Barrazotto’s son, and the company’s current President, Richard Barrazotto, joins the business full time.  Michel Bray, a classically trained French Pastry Chef, joins the team in 1962 bringing years of expertise to the business.  To accommodate the expanding business and addition of employees, Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. moves twice in one decade. In 1957 the business moves to 13th Street and in 1965 to G Street in Northwest DC.

Wholesale business is expanded by aggressively pursuing major hotels, conventions, museums, Embassies, Government buildings and Caterers. In the early 1970’s, the wholesale division surpasses the retail division in total sales. In the early 1980’s, Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. begins selling its first foodservice distributor, I Feldmen.

In the mid 1980’s Richard’s sons, Richard, Mathew and John, enter the business.  In 2000, Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. makes its fourth move, to our current location, to Hyattsville Maryland.  To change with the market, Chef Jeffrey Keane joins Clement’s Pastry Shop, Inc. in 2001. Chef Keane brings his extensive pastry background and launches our Premier Pastry line.